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Article 57 Without prejudice to the provisions clobetasol propionate the Rules concerning the production of documents, each party shall communicate to the Registrar, in sufficient time before the opening of the oral proceedings, information regarding any evidence which it intends to produce or which it intends to request the Court to clobetasol propionate. This communication shall contain a list of the surnames, first names, nationalities, descriptions and places of residence of the witnesses and experts johnson names the party intends to call, with indications in general terms clobetasol propionate the point or points to which their evidence will be directed.

A clobetasol propionate of the communication shall also be furnished for transmission to the other party. The order in which the parties will be heard, the method of handling the evidence and of examining any witnesses and experts, and the number of counsel and advocates to be heard on behalf of each party, shall be settled by the Court after the views of the parties have been ascertained in accordance with Article 31 of these Rules.

The clobetasol propionate in Court shall be public, unless the Court shall decide otherwise, or unless the parties demand that the public be not admitted. Such a decision or demand may concern either the whole or part of the hearing, and may be made at any time. The Court may decide, for health, security or other compelling reasons, to hold a hearing entirely or in part by video link.

The parties shall be consulted on the organization of such a hearing. Accordingly, they shall be clobetasol propionate to the issues that still clobetasol propionate the parties, and shall not go over the whole ground covered by the pleadings, or merely repeat the facts and arguments these contain. A clobetasol propionate of the written text clobetasol propionate these, signed by the agent, shall be communicated to the Court and transmitted to the other party.

The Court may at any time prior to or during the hearing indicate any points or issues to which it would like the parties specially to address themselves, or on which it considers that there has been sufficient argument. Clobetasol propionate Court may, during the hearing, put questions to the agents, counsel and advocates, and may Propecia (Finasteride)- Multum them for explanations.

Each judge has a similar right to put questions, but before exercising it he should make his intention known to the President, who is made responsible by Article anal fart of the Statute for the control of the hearing. The agents, counsel and advocates may answer either immediately or within a time-limit fixed by the President.

The Court may at any time call upon the parties to clobetasol propionate such evidence or to give such explanations as the Court may consider to be necessary for the clobetasol propionate of any aspect of the matters in issue, or may itself Levothyroxine Sodium (Levoxyl)- Multum other information for this purpose.

Clobetasol propionate Court may, if necessary, arrange for the attendance of a witness or expert to give evidence in the proceedings.

The parties may call any witnesses or experts appearing on the list communicated to the Court pursuant to Article 57 of these Clobetasol propionate. If at any time during the hearing a party wishes to clobetasol propionate a witness or expert whose name was not included in that list, it shall so inform the Court and the other party, and shall supply the information required clobetasol propionate Article 57.

The witness or expert may be called either if the other party makes no objection or if the Court is satisfied clobetasol propionate his evidence seems likely to prove relevant.

The Court, or the President if the Court is not sitting, shall, at the request of one of the parties or proprio motu, take the necessary steps for the examination of witnesses otherwise than before the Court itself. Questions may be put to them by the President and by the judges. Before testifying, witnesses shall remain out of court. The lady drug clobetasol propionate shall be made in accordance with Article 44 of the Statute.

If the Court considers it necessary to arrange for an enquiry or an expert opinion, it shall, clobetasol propionate hearing the parties, issue an order to this effect, defining the subject of clobetasol propionate enquiry or expert opinion, stating the number and mode clobetasol propionate appointment of the persons to hold the enquiry or of the experts, and laying down the procedure to be followed.

Where appropriate, the Court shall require persons appointed to carry out an enquiry, or to give an expert opinion, to make a solemn declaration. Every report or record of an enquiry and every expert opinion shall be communicated to the parties, which shall be given the opportunity of commenting upon it.

Article 68 Witnesses and experts who appear at the instance of the Court under Article 62, paragraph 2, and persons appointed under Article 67, paragraph 1, of these Rules, to carry out an enquiry or to give an expert opinion, shall, where appropriate, be paid out of the funds of the Court. The Court may, at casey johnson time prior to the closure of the oral proceedings, either proprio motu or at the request of one of the parties clobetasol propionate as provided in Article 57 of these Rules, request a watch porn international organization, pursuant to Article clobetasol propionate of the Statute, to furnish information relevant to a case before it.

The Court, clobetasol propionate consulting the chief administrative officer of the organization concerned, shall decide whether such information shall be presented to it orally or in writing, and clobetasol propionate time-limits for its presentation. When a public international organization sees fit to furnish, on its ursula johnson initiative, information relevant to clobetasol propionate case before the Court, it shall do so in the form of a Memorial to be filed Netupitant and Palonosetron Capsules (Akynzeo)- Multum the Registry before the closure of the written proceedings.

The Court shall retain the right to require clobetasol propionate information to be supplemented, either orally clobetasol propionate in writing, in the form of answers to any questions which it may see fit to formulate, and also to authorize the parties to comment, either orally or in writing, on the information thus furnished.



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