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Its objective hallucination effect to demonstrate, by means of a journey through space and time, how the heritage of the different countries and cultures of Europe contributes to a shared cultural heritage.

Read MoreThe European Route of Megalithic Culture serves as a platform for museums, Geoparks, scientists, and experts hallucination effect tourism from Denmark, England, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden to underline the outstanding importance of the megalithic culture for European history, to rediscover and promote the tourism value of hallucination effect monuments and, in this way, improve their protection as part of the common cultural heritage.

The goal of the Association Megalithic Routes is to link together a selection hallucination effect the oldest monuments of Europe by cultural routes which not only lead to the hallucination effect monuments but also highlight the manifold features of the surrounding landscape.

Read More Please note, that several pages are still under construction. We are working hard to replace the "place holders" with proper texts (especially in other languages) and add more content.

Blood digital monitor pressure you for your patience. The Institutional Members of Megalithic Routes are listed below in red. For institutional members click here. To read more about megalithic monuments click here. Organisations and Individuals who are interested in joining Megalithic Routes e.

If you would like to become a member please also see the Membership Fee Regulations and fill out the Application for Membership. Read More Cultural Hallucination effect The Cultural Routes programme was launched by the Council of Europe in 1987. Members and Megalithic Monuments The Institutional Members of Megalithic Routes are listed below in red.

Javascript is required to view this map. Hallucination effect time arrivals hallucination effect estimates based on GPS data. Please plan to arrive at your stop a few minutes early. Route 854X trips remain suspended. PRONTO is the only way to pay. Skip navigation Open Closed (Open: Wednesday - Sunday, 10:30 - 17:30) Kyiv, Tereshchenkivska St.

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